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    • Neh

      Price:  10€ - 50€ 
      Nordic Islands’ Cuisine is our focus. Our region is about Muhu Island of course but also Gotland, Bornholm, Åland, Öland, and the neighboring islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. We decided to tread back, unfold and sometimes rediscover tradition. We offer clients a choice of palates from Muhu and neighboring islands in the fine tradition of Nordic Islands’ Cuisine. Smoking, pickling, drying and salting are common. Not needed any longer to help survive the winter, they now have become enjoyable gastronomical delights instead.
      Address:  Lootsi 4 10151 Tallinn, Estonia
      Located:   City Center
    • Masha

      Price:  5€ - 30€ 
      "Masha" is a restaurant with a romantically cosy and luxurious interior, where even the most minute detail has been given consideration. "Masha's" intention is to thoroughly care for its welcomed guests, and for them to eat, drink and so understand what the meaning of true Russian hospitality is.
      Address:  Lootsi 14, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Clazz

      Price:  10€ - 25€ 
      Clazz is a jazz club but not only. One of the most captivating virtues of Cazz has always been the skill to hide itself from description. It is unpredictable and elusive. Chill Out Rythms and Damn Good Food every night until early morning.
      Address:  Vana turg 2, 10140, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Admiral Restaurant

      Price:  10€ - 20€ 
      Restaurant-steamship Admiral was opened in 1996 and is located in the Admiralty Basin of the Tallinn Passenger Port. It is one of the few places where You can observe the harbour, the Old Town and the sea. We are opened round the year from 12 until 23 o’clock.
      Address:  Lootsi 15, 10151 Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Maikrahv Restaurant

      Price:  15€ - 25€ 
      The Maikrahv restaurant is directly opposite the Town Hall, on the most important square in Tallinn.
      Address:  Raekoja plats 8, Tallinn, Estonia
      Located:   City Center
    • Baieri Kelder

      Price:  10€ - 20€ 
      The Baieri Kelder restaurant hosts our guests with a rich buffet breakfast every morning. Starting from noon we offer you a genuine experience of German cuisine - all our courses are carefully prepared following authentic German recipes. In addition to marvellous German cuisine, Baieri Kelder also offers a wide selection of German draft beer.
      Address:  Roosikrantsi 2a, 10119, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Turg

      Price:  10€ - 25€ 
      Turg is a restaurant with an international kitchen, which is famous for its open kitchen and Italian pizzas.
      Address:  Mündi tn.3, 10146, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • SPOT Restoran

      Price:  10€ - 20€ 
      The restaurant *SPOT* is a cosy meeting place in the Old Town of Tallinn at 4, Vene Street. The creators of the *SPOT* are three good friends - Martin,Kevo, and Tauno. We value good taste and good food, and we promise that you will be provided with the best meals. In our restaurant, there is a place for those who think outside the box and have a fresh mindset, just as we do. If you are after good food, high-quality wines, and friendly service in cosy surroundings, the *SPOT* is just the right place for you. We serve modern European dishes with some elements of Estonian and Scandinavian cuisines. During the summer months, we welcome you to our lovely outdoor terrace,where you can enjoy the spirit of the Old Town and its wonderful views Visit us! We are always here to greet you!
      Address:  Vene tn 4, 15075, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Scotland Yard

      Price:  10€ - 20€ 
      London's famous police headquarters provides the theme for this vast pub just outside of Old Town. Old fashioned wanted posters and weapons decorate the interior, which looks like a law library complete with bankers' lamps.The cigar lounge in back is stuffed leather chairs and flanked by an aquarium full of piranhas. On weekends however, all eyes look towards the stage, where favourite Estonian bands are often playing.
      Address:  Mere pst 6E, 10111, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Rock cafe

      Built into an old factory building just past the city's bus station, this minimalist, two-story rock club is decidedly raw and industrial.
      Address:  Tartu mnt 80D 10112, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Reval Café (Vene)

      Price:  5€ - 15€ 
      Reval Café on Vene street serves the needs of the most demanding coffee drinkers. Vene Reval Café is a very cosy and stylish coffee house with the atmosphere of an ancient building. The second floor of the cafe offers privacy. When it’s cold outside the chimney makes your stay warm and nice.
      Address:  Vene 1, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Reval Café (Telliskivi)

      Price:  5€ - 15€ 
      The cosy cafe at the Telliskivi Loomelinnak, which is the biggest center for creative industries in Estonia, follows the traditional concept of Reval Café, offering a wide choice of coffees, fresh-baked pastries and cakes, and cold and hot dishes. In cooperation with the sommelier Rein Kasela, the emphasis lies on a wide range of quality wines from France, Italy, Austriaand Hungary. You can enjoy wines either at the cafe or ask for take away. In addition we offer highly valued organic wines from Tuscany. Children can enjoy themselves at the fun game corner of the cafe.
      Address:  Telliskivi 60a, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Reval Café ( Parnu mnt)

      Price:  5€ - 15€ 
      The Reval Café situated on the corner of Pärnu mnt, Sakala and Süda streets is irreplaceable for all citizens who love cafe culture. Hot pies, wonderful coffee, delicious dishes and a superior location are the keywords for this cafe.
      Address:  Pärnu mnt 27, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Reval Cafe

      Price:  10€ - 15€ 
      Reval cafés and restaurant are cosy places in the heart of the Old Town to start your day with a tasty breakfast, to have lunch or dinner in a relaxing atmosphere or just to enjoy a glass of wine and a heavenly piece of cake in a pleasurable ambience.
      Address:  Müürivahe 14, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
    • Peppersack

      Price:  10€ - 30€ 
      The Peppersack Restaurant is located in an interesting historical house in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, in the immediate vicinity of the Town Hall Square.
      Address:  Viru 2/Vana turg 6, Tallinn
      Located:   City Center
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